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Guitar Pro 5 Tabs
Brotherhood of Man - Angelo
Chris Brown - Gimme That
Supersystem - Miracle
Theme - Amotz Plessner - Stripperella

TI-89 Programs
Keypress v1.1
Number Converter v8.1

Windows Programs

Dvorak v1.2 [zip]
Toggle between US Standard and Dvorak keyboard layouts via. the Scroll Lock key.
Windows shortcut keys are maintained as US Standard.

Fceu v1.3
Remaps hotkeys to the joypad for FCEUltra. Configurable hotkeys include:
Turbo, Quick Save, Quick Load, Snap Screenshot, Toggle Fullscreen, and Exit FCEUltra.

GTA_VC v1.2
Allows the use of cheats in Vice City with the press of a single button.
Cheats include health, armor, suicide, weapons, water and air drivability, road grip,
aggressive drivers, explode and spawn cars, change wanted levels, and time changing.

JoyClick v1.1
Clicks the mouse at the press of the joystick button. Does not move the mouse.
Useful in NFSU2 for the GPS.

JoyMouse v1.5
Use your joystick as a mouse with wheel scroll.
Features: Left click, right click, middle click, double-left click, wheel scroll, and speed toggle.

LCtrl v1.0
Turns the Left Control button into a toggle. Very useful for games requiring lots of crouching.

SL_Active v1.0
Keep Second Life active by saying something automatically in local chat.
Definable phrase and interval.

Task2Tray v1.2
Minimizes a window from the taskbar to the system tray.

3D Creations

mray.jpg wine.jpg tshade.jpg grass.jpg landscape.jpg

Digital Doodles

sphere_red.png robin_c.png raven02_c.png batwoman_c.png

Traditional Drawings

aliensnake.jpg nikegirl.jpg batwoman.jpg girl.jpg raven02.jpg raven.jpg

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