Hello, welcome to ellusion.org!

ellusion.org is currently under construction.

Since the 1990s, web authors have utilized animated gifs to convey their message across to their visitors.
Studies show that there has been a steady decline in the use of animated gifs.
We, as a human civilization, have failed the dodo and the moho, and we will not fail again.
Long live the courageous animated gif!

You will not find any animated gifs here.
This website is a tribute to the animated gif.
Objects are more valuable when there are less of them.
The animated gif should be of maximum value.

If you read this website again, you will find a hidden haiku amongst the source code.
Not really, but maybe.

I am truly honoured, and surprised, that you are so valiantly reading on.
Does this website not leave you speechless?
It should leave me speechless.
But alas, it does not.
The show must go on!

Did you know?
The more you know!